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Building a Community for Life in Peel


Long Term Financial Planning for a Sustainable Future

We are working with our residents and stakeholders to build a Community for Life in Peel. Our Long Term Financial Planning Strategy (LTFPS) will help ensure we are well prepared, financially, now and in the future.

Our LTFPS was developed to ensure continued sustainability of our services for a growing and evolving community. Examples of the critical services we need to plan for include the operations and maintenance of regional roads, affordable housing, paramedic and other health services, waste management, water and police services. 

The key objective of the strategy is to support Regional Council in making informed program decisions without unplanned increases in rates or disruptive cuts to services.

The LTFPS also provides Council with long-term financial information when considering:

For example, when Council is making decisions regarding our annual operating budget, the Strategy provides a consistent lens to help evaluate the short-term and long-term financial impact of proposed changes to services and service levels.

Check back in to learn more about the three financial pillars used to anchor the strategy and the nine financial principles to achieve overall financial health as well as our 2017 Financial Condition Scorecard, or visit us at