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La communauté francophone

Peel's Francophone community is vibrant and dynamic. The community is comprised of Francophones born in Ontario, other parts of Canada and increasingly around the world.

A new inclusive definition of Francophone has been adopted to better reflect the evolution and diversity of the Francophone community. Previously a Francophone was defined as a person whose mother tongue is French. The new definition captures those whose mother tongue is neither French nor English, but who have a particular knowledge of French as an Official Language and use French at home, including many recent immigrants.

"Those persons whose mother tongue is French, plus those whose mother tongue in neither French nor English but have a particular knowledge of French as an official language and use French at home" (Government of Ontario)

Francophone Population according to the Inclusive Definition of Ontario's

Category Total Population 2011 Francophone Population 2011 Francophone Percentage
Ontario 12,722,065 611,500 4.8
Peel 1,291,370 23,870 1.8
Mississauga 710,475 14,800 2.1
Brampton 521,685 8,295 1.6
Caledon 59,210 780 1.3
*Source: Government of Ontario -Office of Francophone Affairs

In Peel there is currently a community Centre for Francophones, French Language Day
Cares, Elementary and High Schools as well as Post-Secondary programs. In addition, there is the Centre d'alphabétisation and Équipe de santé familiale Credit Valley – Peel as well as French language community services.

In the Region of Peel, the cities of Brampton and Mississauga are both designated in the French Language Services Act which guarantees the right to services in French from the Provincial government. There are currently 25 designated areas under the French Language Act (FLSA). For an area to obtain designation Francophones must makes up at least ten per cent of its population or in urban centres must have at least 5000 Francophones.

The Region of Peel Human Services and other Community Service Providers are actively building their French Language Services capacity.

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