Setting the stage for healthy development and a love of learning

Licensed Child Care
Licensed child care providers must meet provincial standards for the health and safety of the children in their care.

Child Care Subsidy
As a parent or guardian you might qualify for a child care subsidy — a financial grant from the government to help you pay for licensed child care.

Subsidized care is available at:

Over 450 subsidized child care programs throughout Peel.

Full-day Early Learning

Ontario will start moving towards full-day Junior and Senior Kindergarten in September 2010.

Special Needs Programs

  • Peel Inclusion Resource Services
    Supporting Children with Special Needs in Licensed Child Care Settings
  • Peel Infant-Parent Program
    Peel Infant-Parent Program (PIPP) supports parents as they develop a healthy relationship with their child. While participating in PIPP, parents also discover new ways of interacting with their infant or toddler.

Parent & Family Workshops

  • Parenting Workshops
    Our parenting workshops help you refresh your parenting skills, learn new information and connect with other parents in your community.
  • Family Literacy Workshops
    Our Family Literacy workshops give you the skills to help your child with early reading, writing and numeracy.

Community Programs

  • Best Start in Peel
    Best Start sets the stage for children to make a healthy and successful transition to school.
  • Early Learning and Parenting in Peel Neighbourhoods
    Our Early Learning and Parenting in Peel Neighbourhoods resources help parents and guardians feel confident and safe in caring for their children.
  • Early Learning Program in Shelters
    Our Early Learning Program in Shelters provides sensitive care and developmentally appropriate activities for children whose parents or guardians are homeless.
  • Learning in Our Neighbourhood (LION)
    LIONs — fully-equipped mobile early learning resource centres — travel to certain communities throughout Peel. LIONs let kids enjoy interactive, play-based programs while parents talk to early childhood professionals about parenting and development.

Francophone Programs

Supporting Peel’s Francophone Community
Children’s Services recently partnered with the Peel Francophone Steering Committee to create two new francophone child care centres at École Carrefour des jeunes and
École Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Aboriginal Programs

Supporting Peel’s Aboriginal Community
Children’s Services, in partnership with the Peel Aboriginal Steering Committee (PASC):

  • Raises awareness among Peel residents about Aboriginal heritage and culture.
  • Develops programs for Peel’s Aboriginal families.
  • Organizes the annual A Gathering: Peel’s Aboriginal Celebration.

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