Best Start in Peel

What is Best Start in Peel?

Best Start in Peel vision

In Peel, all children will thrive, supported by a comprehensive system of culturally sensitive services in a community that meets basic needs: income, housing, nutrition, education and healthy parent/child relationships

Best Start in Peel is a program designed to:

  • Provide parents with resources to help their children prepare for school
  • Enhance existing services and introduce new approaches to healthy child development, early learning and care
  • Bring together existing supports and services closer to where families live to make them more easily accessible

Read the results of Dr. Janette Pelletier’s research on the Best Start program in Peel (PDF 2MB)

Where are Best Start Program Locations?

Licences child care centre are located throughout Brampton & Mississauga

What do we do?

In 2005, Success By 6 Peel and Children’s Services took a leadership role to establish The Peel Best Start Network, a sub-committee of Success By 6 Peel, which includes members from the government, the school boards and various community organizations across Peel. It works to:

  • Ensure our children have every opportunity to make a healthy and successful transition to school.
  • Provide families with services and supports based on local needs and available resources at Best Start Early Learning sites.
  • Integrate preschool, junior kindergarten, senior kindergarten, quality early learning and child care, public health and parenting programs into a seamless system that supports families and children.
  • Identify potential issues, needs and risks of Peel’s children through early and ongoing screening.
  • Develop programs for Peel’s Aboriginal, Francophone and other diverse community families with young children and connect them to appropriate supports in Peel.
  • Take services to families of young children in high-growth, high-immigration, low-service areas of Peel, using Learning In Our Neighbourhood (LION)—mobile early learning and parenting centres and St. John Fisher Neighbourhood Learning Place.

What are Best Start Early Learning sites?

At a Best Start Early Learning site you may be able to:

  • Enrol your child in early learning and care programs to help you and your child make a smooth transition to school
  • Get information on:
    • Early learning, numeracy and literacy programs.
    • Parenting workshops and resources.
    • Health-related topics, including feeding and nutrition.
    • How to support and discuss your child’s speech and language, behavioural and/or development needs.
    • Other community resources such as employment, housing, special needs, health issues and much more.

Child care fee subsidy is available for child care programs. All other services are FREE.

How are Best Start Early Learning sites unique?

Staff at Best Start Early Learning sites are committed to provide quality early learning, child care and supports to families with children from birth to 6 years. The staff work with children and their parents to identify their needs and connect them to various resources available in Peel. This holistic approach of providing a caring and responsive service based on the family’s individual needs helps both the child and the parent make a smooth transition to school.

For more information on Ontario’s Best Start program, visit The Government of Ontario’s Best Start site.

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