Family Literacy Program - Topics

At the Family Literacy Program, our trained volunteers will welcome you each evening with:

  • A story time, nursery rhymes, welcome song and snack
  • Time to work with your children on an activity related to the weekly topic
  • Key messages that relate to the week’s topic and tips on how you can support your child’s learning within the 9-workshop series

Week 1: Reading Readiness

  • Discover how to use rhyming words through singing, playing and reading together with your child.

Week 2: Word Power

  • Explore ways to increase your child’s vocabulary by allowing many opportunities to talk with your child using your home language.

Week 3: Power Off

  • Find interactive ways to use electronic devices with your child by balancing screen time, social time, setting limits and guiding appropriate behaviour.

Week 4: More than Words

  • Children learn language best through natural processes such as play and social interactions with peers and adults. When language is fun, children are interested and learning takes place.

Week 5: Math Fun

  • Find ways to give your child fun and simple opportunities to learn about math. Practice the language of math with your child using everyday experiences.

Week 6: Let it Move You!

  • The more senses used in the learning process the higher the level of retention. Explore ways to provide literacy opportunities to your child through music and physical activities.

Week 7: Riddles and Rhymes

  • When children have an opportunity to role-play and pretend they are able to discover and try new ideas. As their confidence grows, their vocabulary develops. Support your child’s discovery of new words and language by reading stories and rhymes with repetitive words and phrases.

Week 8: Signs and Symbols

  • Build your awareness of how to support your child’s ability to make the connection between literacy, signs, symbols and environmental print.

Week 9: Write it Down

  • Explore new ways to provide opportunities for your child to scribble, print and draw.

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