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Single Parenting With Success

For parents of children of all ages
Discuss how to make the most of the good times, make difficult times better, ideas for how to address your child's needs as well as your own and how to talk to your child about separation and divorce.

Your Style of Parenting

for parents of children ages 1-6
Discover how your style of parenting influences the relationship you have with your child. This workshop will help you to identify the three styles of parenting and create a parenting philosophy for your family.

Parenting Teenagers

For parents of children ages 12 and up
Learn how to keep the lines of communication open through development of encouragement and listening skills.

Raising Responsible Children

For parents of children ages 6-12
What Do I Want To Teach My Child? Learn how to provide your child with the guidance needed to make wise decisions about their behaviour and how to allow them to gradually accept responsibility for their choices and actions.

Parenting, Anger and You

For parents of children ages 3-11
During this workshop participants will gain an understanding of what triggers their anger, learn skills to help them deal with power struggles and conflicts and the importance of open communication and discussing expectations with their child.

Young Children's Screen Time and Literacy

For parents of children ages 2-6
Participants in this workshop will learn strategies to support responsible television viewing, how television and computers can be used to support literacy development, how to promote literacy through daily routines and will learn about alternative learning opportunities in the home.

Build Your Child's Brain

For parents of children ages 2-6
This workshop will provide participants with information about brain development, best practices to support their child's learning and will help them to identify the hands on experiences that they use everyday to interact with their child and how those experiences help to build their child's brain.

Helping Your Child Cope with Feelings

Young children experience many of the same emotions adults do. Participants will explore strategies to help children cope with feelings and will discuss ways of creating a foundation of social-emotional skills children will build on through their lives.

The Toddler Years: Toddler Development

For parents of children ages 15-30 months
Your toddler is continuously growing and developing. Learn about areas of development, the ages and stages of development and how to support your toddler's development and mastery of skills.

The Toddler Years: Toddler Behaviour

For parents of children ages 15-30 months
In this workshop participants will learn about the importance of setting limits, implementing appropriate consequences and offering choices specific to toddlers.

Your Child's Self- Esteem

For parents of children birth-6
This workshop will provide participants with information about ways to support children's development of good self-esteem. You will learn how positive parenting strategies can make a difference in how children feel about the messages they get from you.

How to Talk so Kids will Listen

For parents of children ages 3-12
Communication is the key to positive and respectful relationships. Enhance your verbal and listening skills to promote better communication between you and your child.

Understanding Your Child's Behaviour

For parents of children ages 2-6
Find out what behaviours are appropriate at each age and how you as a parent or caregiver can support your child as they work through these behaviours. Learn about the factors that influence behaviour and how behaviours may be your child's way of trying to tell you something.

The Power of Home Routines

For parents of children birth - 6
How many times have you heard that children need routines? What’s the big deal? Are routines really that necessary for children? Find out how everyday routines can help support many aspects of children’s development, behaviour, healthy living and good habits which are necessary for life.

Helping Children Develop Self-Regulation

For parents of children ages 2-6
This workshop is designed to help parents understand self-regulation – what is it and why it is important. Why do some children experience more challenges in self-regulation and what can you do? Explore ways to support your child’s development of self-regulation skills through different types of activities, the environment around them and through connections with the adults in their lives.

Homework Survival Strategies

For parents of children ages 8+
Homework has been around for as long as schools have, and after a long day at school, homework time can be difficult for some children. In this workshop participants can learn strategies to assist their children with homework assignments and ways to make this time easier for the family.

Time In vs. Time Out

For parents of children ages 2-6
"Time out" does not have the calming effect on children that parents expect. Explore alternative methods of discipline that will stop unwanted conduct, build better behaviour in the future and a process that helps.

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