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Following a consultation with the Aboriginal community in 2007, Children's Services established the Peel Aboriginal Steering Committee (PASC), in partnership with the three Aboriginal groups in Peel: Credit River Metis Council, Metis Nation of Ontario and Peel Aboriginal Network.  The committee was formed to identify the need for programs and services for Aboriginal families with children birth to six years.  Also, to raise awareness among Peel residents (both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people) about the Aboriginal Peoples heritage and culture: Inuit, First Nation & Metis.

The network grew over time to include more community partners from social services, Children's health and education. Children's Services hired a Community Engagement Specialist and an Early Childhood Outreach Worker for the Aboriginal Community to coordinate committee activities and outreach opportunities as well as educate service providers, parents and children to ensure that Aboriginal learning is part of the environment and curriculum. As a result of the increased awareness, organizations began increasing their activities for the Aboriginal community.

Accomplishments include:

Having achieved its goals, PASC was disbanded in July 2012 so that the three Aboriginal agencies could take a lead in establishing a collaborative community table.

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