Milestones for Toddlers

Hey everybody! I’m a toddler. Look what I can do!

We have put together this guide to show you the skills your toddler may demonstrate. It is perfectly normal for your child to learn these skills several months before or after the given age.

When I am 12 – 18 months old, I can:

  • Wave hello or good-bye.
  • Play simple pretend games with other toddlers.
  • Put things in a container and take them out again.
  • Move my arms and legs, jump and sway when music is played.
  • Give my toys to someone who asks me for them.
  • Help you put my clothes on and take them off.
  • Look for a ball and find it when it rolls out of sight.
  • Climb upstairs when someone helps me.
  • Show you things I know and tell you what they are.
  • Stack two or more things.
  • Understand many words and simple directions.
  • Push toys, pull toys and carry them with me when I walk.
  • Use a spoon to scoop when I eat.

When I am 18 – 24 months old, I can:

  • Throw a ball.
  • Sing nursery rhymes and songs.
  • Enjoy finger plays.
  • Point out five body parts.
  • Feel frustrated easily.
  • Use my feet to ride a small riding toy without pedals.
  • Listen to a short story.
  • Put large beads on a string.
  • Put two words together in a sentence.
  • Take the wrap off packages.
  • Peel a banana.
  • Make animal sounds.
  • Recognize a photograph of myself.
  • Pour water into and out of cups and bins.
  • Enjoy water and sand play.
  • Complete a three-piece puzzle.

When I am 24 – 30 months old, I can:

  • Play near another child.
  • Remember where people keep toys and other things.
  • Look at pictures in a book by myself.
  • Pretend playing with things I know about.
  • Draw pictures with large water colour markers or crayons and paint with a brush.
  • Sing simple songs and rhymes.
  • Put small toys into a small opening.
  • Throw and kick a ball.
  • Listen to a five-minute story with pictures.
  • Use three words in a sentence.
  • Understand what different things are used for.
  • Tell the difference between big and little, one and many.
  • Use scissors to snip things when people help me.
  • Put my clothes on with help.
  • Overcome fears with my favourite toy or security blanket.
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