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Integrated Service System Planning

On May 10, 2011, Peel early learning and child care stakeholders participated in a community workshop on integrated service system planning. Following a presentation delivered by Jennifer Kirkham, participants were asked to imagine it is 5 years from now and that Peel is highly successful at integrated service system planning for the 0 to 12 age group. The large group brainstormed and prioritized components that would make integrated service system planning successful.

The most identified components were:

  • Centralized service coordination
  • Long term, adequate, stable funding
  • Working toward a common goal and outcome
  • Right provider/organization providing the right function

As a final discussion, small groups were asked to consider the question, "Within the framework of planning for 0 to 24, what do we need to create for integrated planning for prenatal-to-12?" The groups' responses fell into the following categories:

  • Structure
  • Membership/Representation
  • Vision, Goals and Outcomes
  • Funding
  • Governance
  • Focus on Families and Children
  • Service Delivery/Organizations
  • Other

Summary and Next Steps

Participants agreed that integrated service system planning should occur for children prenatal-to-12 and their families. In terms of a structure to accomplish this, the goal would be to reduce duplication among existing planning tables without losing the key elements of Best Start Planning, networking and opportunities to inform system change. The following next steps were identified:

  • Establish one system planning table for Prenatal-to-12 years under the new PCYI structure
  • Engage Best Start Network (BSN) and Community Advisory Committee (CAC) , both of which are linked to Success by Six, in discussions of expanded composition and new structure for planning table (inclusive of work group ), and how community (including parents) can be linked in to inform planning and decision making
  • Embed the collective system vision within the vision of every organization

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Revised: Monday July 25 2011


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