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Surveys: Impact of Full-Day Kindergarten on Child Care in Peel

The implementation of full-day Kindergarten (FDK) is changing the early learning and child care landscape across Ontario. As Peel’s four-and five-year-olds migrate to the school system by September 2014, commercial and non-profit child care providers are experiencing significant impacts on their services.

Why a survey?

The Region of Peel, in its role as Consolidated Municipal Service System Manager, has conducted surveys each year since 2010 to gain insight on how FDK implementation impacts child care and to assess the effectiveness of the methodology used.

As Service System Manager, the Region of Peel is responsible for administering provincial programs (e.g., fee and wage subsidy) as well as early learning and child care service system planning. The Region carries out its role in partnership with licensed child care providers, school boards and other community partners.

Five surveys have been completed:

Following a pilot survey in 2010, a more comprehensive baseline survey was developed, which covered the period from August 1 to December 31, 2010. The baseline survey captured information about the initial impact of FDK on child care, particularly concerns around the retention and hiring of early childhood educators. In October 2011 we moved to an annual survey rotation. Collecting the data in the fall allows us to accurately measure impacts of children that have recently left the child care system for school-based programs.

Why are the surveys important?

Results of these surveys inform local and provincial planning tables and advocate for increased transition support.

More Information about FDK Implementation

Further information about the number of children enrolling in FDK can be found on the Region’s Early Learning Child Care (ELCC) Data and Planning Tools webpage.

Contact fulldaylearning@peelregion.ca

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Revised: Tuesday September 16 2014


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