Community Investment Program (CIP)

The Region of Peel Community Investment Program (CIP) provides grants for non-profit agencies to help build the capacity of the sector and better deliver community and social services in Peel Region.

CIP Updates

Community Hub Development Fund is now OPEN.

You are no longer required to do 18 month reporting for the Sustainability fund Sustainability reporting is now at six months, 12 months and 24 months (Final)

How to Apply for CIP:

  1. Access the CIP Program Guidelines (PDF) to review the different funding streams, eligibility criteria and application process
  2. Review the CIP Updates to ensure we are open for applications
  3. For our main funding streams, use the forms to apply:
    • Organizational Profile (PDF) – This form only needs to be completed once per year, regardless of the number of applications
    • Sustainability Fund (PDF) – Closed
    • Small Capital Fund (PDF) – Closed

Additional Information: Application Tip Sheet

How to Report for CIP:

  1. Refer to your reporting due dates as outlined in your contract
  2. Review the Instruction and Tip Sheet (PDF)
  3. Use the forms to report:

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