Organizational Effectiveness Reporting

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This tool is meant to derive the capacity level of agencies in terms of organizational effectiveness. Agencies rate how well they perform or accomplish the indicator statements. The level is quantifiable and could be documented and tracked over time to assess their level of maturity in the various dimensions.

Five dimensions identified for this assessment include:

  1. Organizational Design
  2. Governance and Leadership
  3. Change and Development
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Financial Management

The tool includes 34 statements on a 5 point scale, on a continuum from not meeting the performance requirement, to exceeding it.

The scale is defined as follows:

RatingRating DescriptionDetailed InformationRating View
1We do not meet this performance requirement Substantial improvement needed. Major improvement needed
2We marginally meet this performance requirement Meets some of this performance requirement, but struggles to meet it completely. Need to further develop and improve is clearly recognized. Some improvement needed
3We meet this performance requirement Meets this performance requirement - no need for improvement recognized, and no performance beyond requirements is identified. Neither a strength nor development needed
4We exceed this performance requirement Frequently exceeds performance requirements. Strong
5 We excel at this performance requirement Levels and accomplishments far exceed expectations on a consistent basis.Excellent


Section 1: Organizational Design

Indicators (Statement)Rating (1-5)
1 We have a strong and clear vision.
2 We have a strong and clear mission/mandate.
3 We have a good strategic plan with performance indicators included in it.
4 We engage stakeholders in our strategic planning process.
5 Our services/programs are aligned to our strategic plan.
6 We have a strong service delivery model in place.
7 We have a strong program evaluation process in place.
8 We produce an annual report that communicates outcomes and results.

Section 2: Governance and Leadership

Indicators (Statement)Rating (1-5)
1 The role of our board of directors is clearly defined.
2 We have a strong board orientation process in place.
3 We have a strong board training process in place.
4 We have strategies in place for board retention.
5 We have strategies in place for board succession planning.
6 We have strategies in place for board evaluation.
7 We have an established management structure in place.
8 We have an established staff reporting structure in place.

Section 3: Change and Development

Indicators (Statement)Rating (1-5)
1 We are always trying to improve our organizational performance and measure our performance at regular intervals.
2 Our staff are willing to face organizational problems and contribute creative solutions to help resolve them.
3 Our organization is adaptive to its environment which is always changing. We know what to do when things change.
4 We encourage our staff to maintain meaningful communication and involvement in planning for change and development.
5 We continually work to improve internal behaviour patterns such as interpersonal relations and levels of trust and support amongst our staff.

Section 4: Human Resource Management

Indicators (Statement)Rating (1-5)
1 We have human resource policies and procedures in place.
2 We have employee benefits/compensation policies and procedures in place.
3 All of our staff have clear job descriptions.
4 We provide training opportunities for our staff.
5 We provide networking opportunities for our staff.
6 We have strong volunteer management policies/procedures in place.
7 We comply with all employment legislation and standards.
8 We comply with all human rights legislation.
9 We comply with all health and safety legislation.

Section 5: Financial Management

Indicators (Statement)Rating (1-5)
1 We have a strong fundraising strategy in place.
2 We implement innovative fundraising techniques.
3 The board has strong fiscal oversight of the agency.
4 We prepare accurate and timely financial reports that show our financial goals, forecasts and actuals.


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