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  • Region of Peel Strategic Plan V: 2007-2010

    On May 31, 2007 , Regional Council endorsed the Region of Peel Strategic Plan V: 2007-2010. This Strategic Plan guides Regional Council and staff as we move forward with our community partners in delivering high quality programs and services and building trust and confidence with the citizens of Peel region. The Plan contains: Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategic Actions.


    Peel will be a healthy, vibrant, and safe community that values its diversity and quality of life.


    The Region of Peel will serve its changing community through leadership, partnership, and service excellence.

    Goal 1: Deliver citizen-focused services

    • Improve access to Regional services
    • Deliver services that meet the diverse and evolving needs of the community
    • Respond to the interests and needs of new immigrants
    • Provide opportunities for public input and involvement in Regional services
    • Strengthen community capacity to provide services and enhance self sufficiency

    Goal 2: Deliver services that meet the diverse and evolving needs of the community

    • Demonstrate leadership in responsible environmental management practices and energy use
    • Promote sustainable transportation, energy and environmental practices
    • Minimize impact of solid waste on the environment
    • Protect water resources
    • Develop a corporate strategy to respond to climate change and implement strategies to improve air quality
    • Protect and restore significant natural systems and environmentally sensitive areas

    Goal 3: Provide human services that meet current and changing needs

    • Collaborate with other governments and organizations to secure sufficient funding to address growing health, housing and social service needs.
    • Increase affordable housing options
    • Strengthen services to respond to the needs of vulnerable people
    • Invest in prevention strategies to address health and social issues
    • Promote integrated planning and delivery of health, housing and social services in Peel

    Goal 4: Manage the impacts of growth on the community and Regional services

    • Ensure adequate infrastructure, services and resources to support existing and growing communities
    • Support improved and integrated transportation and transit systems
    • Ensure a safe and secure water supply system
    • Support the viability of Peel’s agricultural resources
    • Implement long-term planning initiatives to provide for a range of urban and rural land needs

    Goal 5: Be a citizen-focused Regional government

    • Ensure financial sustainability of Regional services
    • Collaborate with other levels of government to influence public policy
    • Communicate effectively to ensure community engagement
    • Attract and invest in a skilled, engaged and diverse workforce
    • Build upon a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
    • Strengthen Regional emergency management
    • Demonstrate accountability by measuring performance and reporting outcomes

    Strategic Plan 2003-2006
    Strategic Plan 2003 - 2006 Final Report

    Revised: July 26, 2007


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