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2014 Budget

The 2014 Operating and Capital Budget for the Region of Peel have been prepared to provide Regional Council and the public with the funding to advance Peel's Strategic Plan and Term of Council Priorities through its programs and services.

The 2014 Region of Peel Operating Budget totals $2.0 billion, and the Capital Budget totals $1.3 billion, inclusive of the Tax and Utility Rate Budgets.

The table below provides the property tax and utility rate impact on Peel residents.

  Average Residential Average Small Business
Property Tax Impact of 0.6%* $27 $45
Utility Rate Impact of 7%** $39 $94
 * average home assessed at $409,500 and average small business value at $500,000
** average residential consumption at 310m3 and average small business consumption at 730m3
Pie Chart

Peel's area municipalities (Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga) issue a single tax bill that includes the Region of Peel, the Area Municipality and Education.

The residential utility rate for water and wastewater services is issued by the Region of Peel, separate from the property tax bill.

The 2014 Budget demonstrates an emphasis on providing the right services in the most cost effective way, thereby ensuring value for money to Peel’s tax and utility rate payers. It reflects Peel’s commitment to being citizen focused, maintaining and improving existing services, while being fiscally responsible and financially stable.

2014 residential tax brochure (88KB 2 pages)

Revised: Wednesday February 19 2014


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