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The Term of Council Priorities are aligned to the Strategic Plan goals and actions. These goals correspond with seven key themes that encompass the programs and services delivered to the Peel community.


Protect, enhance and restore the environment

With an impressive mix of urban and rural landscapes, Peel's area municipalities have all contributed to building complete, liveable and vibrant communities that respect Peel's natural heritage. Growth pressures and environmental changes challenge the Region to ensure services are in place to protect the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the places we work and play.

Social Development

Build a community that is stable, responsive and adaptable

The Region of Peel, through leadership, system management, directly delivered services, funding, partnerships with other governments and community agencies works to ease economic and social disparities, and strengthen the self-sustaining abilities of individuals, families and communities.

Community Health

Maintain and improve the health of Peel's community

The health of Peel's population is of primary importance. It affects people's quality of life and the economic and social sustainability of our communities. Working in partnership with volunteers, school boards, not-for-profits, businesses, governments and other health care agencies, the Region of Peel plays important roles in improving and maintaining health, reducing disparities, and enhancing the sustainability of the health care system.


Support and influence sustainable transportation systems

Sustained economic prosperity and growth is fostered by adequate, safe and efficient transportation infrastructure. Moving people and goods throughout Peel supports economic development while contributing to the overall quality of life for people who live, work or travel in Peel.

Cultural Development

Build a cohesive Peel community

Peel's communities have a strong, vibrant and diverse cultural heritage. The Region of Peel's directly delivered programs and activities help to foster connections among communities as Peel's heritage evolves. Celebrating these connections contributes to a welcoming, accessible community that ensures full participation for everyone.

Public Safety

Ensure a safe Peel community

The Region of Peel collaborates with governments, organizations and emergency services to provide residents with both a coordinated emergency management plan for the community, and with the knowledge to help themselves should emergencies arise.

Service Excellence

Strive for continued excellence as a municipal government

The Region of Peel is recognized for its history of service excellence and strong fiscal management. The Region continues to focus on measured results and feedback from service recipients and residents in order to continue to build and maintain public trust and confidence.

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Revised: Wednesday November 20 2013


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