Priority: Affordable Housing

The Issue

Many families and individuals are unable to find affordable housing. The average wait time for subsidized housing in Peel is 5.3 years, with almost 5000 new applications for housing subsidies in 2014.

The lack of rental housing unit construction, rapid population growth and growing poverty are the key reasons for Peel's affordable housing challenges.

Furthering these challenges is the expiration of the federal housing operating agreement which could be a risk to the supply of subsidized housing units in municipalities across Canada.

It is estimated that by 2025, an additional $104 million will be needed to maintain Peel's social housing stock.

Funding for new housing and repairs, housing subsidies, as well as legislative and regulatory changes to encourage rental housing construction are just some of the affordable housing solutions.

The Region of Peel is encouraged by the current federal and provincial commitment to housing through the renewal of the Investment in Affordable Housing Extension. To help address their affordable housing challenges, municipalities across Canada require predictable financial commitments from senior orders of government.

Our Request

The next Federal Government must:

  • Create a national, long-term housing strategy that includes an immediate infusion of funding into high-growth communities.
  • Provide ongoing and flexible capital and operational funding towards building new affordable housing and repairing the existing housing stock.
  • Continue to provide funding for social housing once the federal operating agreements expire.
  • Change the tax system to encourage private sector investment, such as providing a GST rebate on new rental housing construction.

During this federal election, talk to your local candidates about how they'll support and promote affordable housing in Peel.

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