Priority: Support of Local Immigration

The Issue

More than half of Peel's total population is comprised of immigrants, the highest percentage the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The Region of Peel as a high growth community, experiences unique opportunities and challenges with respect to the settlement of immigrants.

Municipalities benefit in many different ways from immigration as immigrants have the potential to contribute to innovation, economic development and cultural diversity of a community. However, a constantly shifting legislative landscape presents an increased risk to the viability and effectiveness of immigrant supports.

An estimated 33% of immigrants in the Region of Peel experience high rates of poverty and unemployment.

High poverty rates have implications for Peel's social service programs such as housing, social assistance and child care.

More than 40% of newcomers in Southern Ontario are likely to be in precarious employment in their first year compared to 25% for non-immigrants while long-term integration remains a significant challenge.

It is critical that all orders of governments work with the private sector to provide recent immigrants access to the supports and opportunities that will help them obtain meaningful employment.

Our Request

The next Federal Government must:

  • Preserve support for Local Immigration Partnerships and the implementation of local immigration plans.
  • Provide immigration settlement funding levels to meet current and future needs in high growth communities.

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