A by-law to approve the expropriation of land being Part of Lot 17, Concession 1, North of Dundas Street, in the City of Mississauga (formerly Township of Toronto), Regional Municipality of Peel, being more particularly identified as Parts 1, 2, 5 and 6 on draft reference plan 04-B4710 prepared by Young & Young Surveying Inc. dated May 31, 2004 and the taking of all steps necessary to obtain the possession of those lands.


WHEREAS the Council of the Regional Corporation enacted By-law No. 52-2004 on July 8, 2004 authorizing commencement of the expropriation of the above-described lands for the purposes set out therein;

WHEREAS the Council of the Regional Corporation has by resolution passed on October 27, 2005 authorized the approval of the expropriation of the above described lands;

NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Regional Corporation enacts as follows:

  1. The expropriation of the above mentioned lands, more particularly described in the Certificate of Approval attached as Schedule "A" to this by-law, is hereby approved for the written reasons attached hereto as Schedule "B" to this by-law;

  2. That the decision of the Council of the Regional Corporation to approve the expropriation and the written reasons therefor be served upon the parties to the Hearing of Necessity and upon the Inquiry Officer;

  3. That the Regional Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to sign and execute on behalf of the Council of the Regional Corporation and affix the corporate seal to the Certificate of Approval attached hereto as Schedule "A" and all other notices and documents which are necessary to carry out the provisions to this by-law;

  4. That a Plan of Expropriation be prepared and registered in the proper land registry office;

  5. That a Notice of Expropriation be served upon the registered owner, together with a Notice of Election, relating to the date of assessment of compensation;

  6. That an appraisal report estimating the market value of the above mentioned lands and the damages for injurious affection, if any, be obtained from a third party appraiser;

  7. That an offer of an amount in full compensation for the registered owner's interest in the above mentioned lands, and an offer for immediate payment of 100% of market value as estimated by the expropriating authority, all in accordance with s. 25 of the Expropriations Act, be served, together with a copy of the appraisal report on which the offer of compensation is based;

  8. That a Notice of Possession be served requiring possession of the above mentioned lands at least three months after the date of service of said notice.


A. Macintyre

Acting Regional Clerk

E. Kolb

Regional Chair


Schedules A and B to By-law Number 85-2005 available in Clerk's

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