BY-LAW NUMBER 106-2009

A by-law to support a minor restructuring proposal.

WHEREAS, Section 173 of the Municipal Act, 2001 S.O. 2001 c.25, as amended, authorizes the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to approve minor restructuring proposals;

AND WHEREAS, the Corporation of the City of Mississauga has submitted a minor restructuring proposal for the annexation of lands described herein that are presently part of the Town of Milton;

AND WHEREAS, a Special Committee established by the Councils of The Regional Municipality of Peel, The Regional Municipality of Halton, The Corporation of the City of Mississauga and The Corporation of the Town of Milton held a joint public meeting on September 30, 2009 at The Region of Halton’s Council Chambers in the Town of Oakville to consider the minor restructuring proposal;

NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Regional Corporation enacts as follows:

  1. That the Regional Municipality of Peel hereby supports the minor restructuring proposal of The Corporation of the City of Mississauga attached as Schedule "A" to this By-law providing for the annexation by the City of Mississauga of the lands described in Schedule "A" to this By-law.

  2. The Regional signing officers are hereby authorized to execute all documents required to implement the minor restructuring proposal, including a Boundary Adjustment Agreement attached as Schedule "B" to this By-law.

READ THREE TIMES AND PASSED IN OPEN COUNCIL this 29th day of October, 2009

A. Macintyre

Acting Deputy Clerk

E. Kolb

Regional Chair

Schedule A (pdf. file)
Schedule B
(pdf. file)