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Decisions Newsletter (pdf)

The following are Decisions made by Regional Council on Thursday, October 22, 2015

 Topics in this Issue:
- The 2014 and 2015 Governor General and N.H. McNally Awards
- National Pharmacare Program
- Extension of Temporary Funding for Community Support Services
- Peel Children and Youth Initiative 2016 Funding

The 2014 and 2015 Governor General and N.H. McNally Awards

Regional Council received a delegation from Peter Dundas, Chief and Director of Paramedic Services, recognizing the 2014 and 2015 Governor General and N.H. McNally Award for Bravery recipients.

Four Peel Paramedics were awarded the Exemplary Service Medal by Major General Richard Rohmer, Honorary Chief of the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs: Larry Titus, Superintendent; Tammy Middleton, Superintendent; Verena Jones, Supervisor; and Gord Nevils, Supervisor, Education and Research.

Peel Paramedics Glen Woodhouse and David Woodcock were also recognized for their exemplary service by receiving the second bars to their existing Medal, which indicates that they each have been providing service to the community for more than forty years.

Four Peel Paramedics were recognized with the McNally Award for their heroic actions while on duty. The McNally Award recognizes acts of conspicuous bravery by paramedics in the performance of their duties. The awards were presented to Ean Smith and Eryn Smyth, who successfully cared for a critically injured Mississauga Firefighter during a fire that involved a number of explosions; and, Sean Mason and Jody-Marie Tansley who along with a Peel Regional Police Officer, extricated an injured person trapped in a burning car while also attempting to extinguish the car fire.

For more information about Peel Regional Paramedics Services, please visit: http://www.peelregion.ca/paramedics/

(2015-784 and 2015-785)
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National Pharmacare Program

Regional Council passed a resolution endorsing a National Pharmacare Program in Canada.

Andrew Rouble, Medical Student Representative; Kevin Beaulieu, Executive Director of Public Interest, Strategy and Communications; and Dr. Danit Fischtein, Resident Director, Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM), advised that CDM represents the voice of doctors and strives to strengthen Canada's universal, public-funded health care system and advocates for evidence-based innovations in treatment and preventative services.

Over 3 million Canadians do not take their medications due to cost and it is estimated that this treatment non-adherence costs our healthcare system $1 billion every year. Progress towards universal public drug coverage in Canada has been slow, in part due to concerns about the potential costs. A recent study revealed that universal public drug coverage would likely yield substantial savings to the private sector with comparatively little increase in government costs.

The Region of Peel expressed its support for the creation of a National Pharmacare program as an extension of Canadian Medicare.

For more information about Canadian Doctors for Medicare, please visit: http://www.canadiandoctorsformedicare.ca/

(2015-790 and 2015-791)
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Extension of Temporary Funding for Community Support Services

Regional Council received an update on the status of the temporary provincial funding for Community Support Services from the Central West Local Health Integration Network (LINH).

In 2012 a temporary reduction of long term care beds started in the Central West LHIN due to the redevelopment of an older LTC home operated by the City of Toronto. To mitigate the impact of the temporary loss of service, the Central West LHlN received approval from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to redirect the LTC Homes' funding toward alternate services to enable seniors to stay in their homes and prevent the use of hospital acute care.

The temporary reallocation of funding was granted by the Ministry until December 31, 2015. The funding was provided to three health service providers: Central West Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), India Rainbow Services, and the Region of Peel. The Region of Peel utilized the funding to expand and enhance services in the Adult Day Services programs for seniors who are functionally frail, physically disabled and/or those with progressive cognitive disorders; as well as the operation of four temporary LTC beds.

Staff will continue to work with the Central West LHIN to seek base funding to permanently expand and enhance community support services.

For more information about the Central West Local Health Integration Network, please visit: http://www.centralwestlhin.on.ca/

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Human Services
Peel Children and Youth Initiative 2016 Funding


Regional Council approved further funding to the Peel Children and Youth Initiative (PCYI).

Building upon the Success By 6 Peel initiative, a broad section of children and youth service providers in Peel came together to discuss the significant service gaps for children and youth in Peel and the need for a high level strategy collaborative to better address these gaps. By 2010/11, the Peel Children and Youth Initiative (PCYI) was established and began integrating the work of the existing groups, Success By 6 Peel and the Student Support Leadership Initiative, as well as supporting the Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network.

PCYI supports system collaboration among agencies by providing coordination, facilitation, research and planning supports. Doing so enables the establishment of shared goals, outcomes and evidence informed initiatives to produce effective and efficient services.

To help fulfill the Ministry of Education's mandates for the Best Start Network and the Child Care and Early Years Service System Manager role, the Region of Peel has funded PCYI from 2011-2015. Other funders of PCYI include: the Peel District School Board, the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board and the United Way of Peel Region.

Graham Clyne, Executive Director, Peel Children and Youth Initiative (PCYI), delegated to Regional Council to provide a short history of PCYI's work to date and highlighted its core principles of doing things better; focusing on supporting change to practices, polices and systems; an expectation of "organization alignment" on shared priorities; and, providing quality local research/data.

For more information about the Peel Children and Youth Initiative, please visit: http://www.pcyi.org/

(2015-788 and 2015-789)
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