M I N U T E S WMC-2012-1

The Waste Management Committee met on April 5, 2012 at 1:04 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Regional Administrative Headquarters, 10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite A, Brampton.

  Members Present:

P. Foley; C. Fonseca; E. Kolb; E. Moore; R. Paterak; J. Sanderson; J. Sprovieri; R. Starr; A. Thompson¨; J. Tovey

  Members Absent: Nil
  Other Regional Councillors Present: R. Whitehead, Town of Caledon
  Also Present:
D. Szwarc, Chief Administrative Officer; D. Labrecque, Commissioner of Public Works; N. Lee, Director, Waste Management; C. Reid, Regional Clerk and Director of Clerk’s; A. Macintyre, Manager, Legislative Services; E. Pascual, Manager, Program Planning; B. Shepherd, Manager, Collections and Processing; T. Prokop, Program Support Analyst, Waste Management; S. Jurrius, Committee Clerk

Chaired by Councillor J. Sanderson

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That the agenda for the April 5, 2012, Waste Management Committee meeting, be approved.

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a) Tipping Fee Exemption Policy for Non-Profit Community Agencies


That the existing Tipping Fee Exemption Policy for Non-Profit Community Agencies, Corporate Policy W20-07, remain in place.

Councillor Moore requested that the recommendation be amended to delete the term “permanently”. She stated that the tipping fee exemption policy for non-profit community agencies should be reviewed regularly to ensure its effectiveness.

  b) 3Rs Policy for Special Events

Presentation by Norman Lee, Director, Waste Management



That the “3Rs Policy for Special Events” attached as Appendix I to the report of the Commissioner of Public Works, dated March 16, 2012, titled “3Rs Policy for Special Events”, be adopted.

A copy of the presentation is available from the Office of the Regional Clerk.

Norman Lee, Director, Waste Management, provided the rationale for the staff recommendation to adopt the 3Rs Policy for Special Events, including administrative and financial implications to the Region of Peel (the “Region”) to provide the service. The level of service recommended in the subject policy will cost the Region approximately $91,000 per year plus a one-time cost of $87,000 in the first year for additional administrative support and procurement of signage and supplies for the program. Norman Lee stated that providing the service will achieve the Region’s objective by consistently educating residents about the recycling programs offered at special events and at home. The service will be free to event coordinators, except where Regional equipment has been damaged, lost or stolen.

Councillor Paterak recognized the importance of the development of the Eco-Team volunteers. He stated that the Region funds local eco-groups that are involved in the environment and green initiatives related to waste. Councillor Paterak suggested that Regional staff look into the possibility of providing incentives and consultation with local eco-groups to help in the recruitment and training of volunteers.

In response to a question from Regional Chair Kolb, Dan Labrecque, Commissioner, Public Works, stated that the Health and Human Services departments coordinate the volunteers in Peel and have a mechanism to review the value of volunteerism in the Region, from a departmental point of view. He undertook to provide this information during a future update to the Waste Management Committee.

Councillor Sanderson requested that Regional staff consult the Brampton Clean City Committee with respect to how they monitor volunteerism.

In response to a question from Councillor Tovey, Amy Cole, Technical Analyst, Waste Program Planning, stated that a typical Eco-Station sign at full elevation would be six feet tall and four feet wide. The Eco-Stations will be visible and easy to identify. Norman Lee indicated that the type of recycling bins to be provided may vary to meet the requirements of certain special events.

Councillor Tovey requested that Regional staff ensure that the design, visibility, elevation and placement of Eco-Stations at special events are easily identifiable by the public.

Councillor Starr requested that staff provide pictures of the bins and signage to be utilized at special events.

David Szwarc, Chief Administrative Officer, stated that pictures of the proposed bins and signage would be provided to Members of Regional Council with the minutes of the April 5, 2012 Waste Management Committee meeting. He further stated that the bins and signage will be displayed at a future meeting of Regional Council.

Councillor Starr requested that Regional staff display educational posters on recycling programs as part of the campaign at special events.

Councillor Paterak requested that Regional staff consider creating flags for each waste recycling stream at special events. The flags would be of the same colour as the recycling bins and big enough that the public could easily locate them at special events.

Councillor Sanderson requested that special t-shirts or vests be provided to volunteers so that the Eco-Teams can be easily identified by the public at special events.


a) Eric Camirand, President, Electrigaz Technologies Inc., Letter dated February 27, 2012, Regarding the Anaerobic Digestion of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OMSW): Professional Services


b) Rob Muir, Partner, Sure-Close Inc., Letter dated March 21, 2012, Regarding Sure-Close Kitchen Foodscrap Container


Councillor Starr sought clarification as to why Sure-Close Inc. cannot submit a bid for its Sure-Close Kitchen Foodscrap Container to the Region of Peel. Norman Lee, Director, Waste Management, responded that the Region awarded a contract for containers when the green bin program was launched a few years ago. He informed the Committee that the Region awarded a contract for replacement containers in May 2010 with a term of one firm year plus three optional years so there is currently no need to issue a tender for containers. The Director of Waste Management undertook to provide the specifics of the existing contract to Councillor Starr.

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Additional Items – Items 7a and 7b:

a) Partnership with Schools Regarding the Organics Program in Peel (Oral)


Councillor Fonseca stated that some schools in her ward are interested in working collaboratively with the Region to raise awareness about recycling programs and waste initiatives. She requested that Regional staff report back to the Waste Management Committee with information on the feasibility of implementing a pilot project to partner with schools about Peel’s organic programs. Norman Lee responded that a lot of schools have expressed interest in working with the Region’s waste initiatives to help the environment and that Regional Council’s current position is to only collect recyclables from the schools in Peel. Regional staff are working with local schools to develop an education and waste management plan where students will learn and practice proper disposal of recyclables. Norman Lee stated that the plan will be presented to a future meeting of Waste Management Committee for consideration.

David Szwarc, Chief Administrative Officer, noted the long term benefits of educating students about recycling and suggested that Regional staff commence discussions at the school board level regarding potential partnerships.

Norman Lee sought clarification if the Committee would like Regional staff to include the evaluation of the possible partnerships with schools in the organics program as part of the proposed education strategy report.

Councillor Fonseca stated that the enthusiasm of the students to help the environment was noteworthy and suggested that Regional staff find a way to address the schools’ request and possibly incorporate it in the Region’s education strategy in schools as part of the waste management plan.

Regional Chair Kolb advised that the Peel District School Board is working collaboratively with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) regarding educating schools and communities about recycling and requested that Regional staff coordinate with TRCA to avoid duplication of programs.

Dan Labrecque, Commissioner, Public Works, stated that Regional staff would contact the TRCA about its partnership with schools, environmental projects and education outreach programs.

Councillor Foley suggested that Regional staff look into the Ontario Eco-Schools Program’s school yard greening where some schools have established outdoor classrooms and community gardens. She indicated that the Region of Peel could assist the program by teaching the students to collect organics themselves and use the compost in their own community gardens.

b) Bi-Weekly Garbage Collection Pilot Update (Oral)


Councillor Sanderson requested an update on the bi-weekly garbage collection pilot project.

Norman Lee informed the Committee that the bag-based pilot project started a few weeks ago and the cart based bins will be launched shortly in selected communities. He stated that staff have been keeping track of the number of calls received and the number of residents who set out their waste incorrectly. Waste Collection By-law Enforcement Officers are doing their rounds on collection days to ensure compliance and respond to residents’ inquiries. The Region of Peel also hosted public open houses to explain the pilot project to affected residents. Norman Lee informed the Committee that the number of calls received and non-compliance continues to decrease.

Members of the Waste Management Committee whose wards are involved in the pilot project commended Regional staff for their professionalism in dealing with the issues and concerns of the residents in the bi-weekly garbage collection pilot project.

Councillor Paterak expressed concern that the size of the cart-based bins will be problematic for some senior citizens and may cause injury or possible liabilities in the future.

Councillor Thompson departed at 2:06 p.m.

Councillor Moore encouraged all members of Regional Council to participate in the bi-weekly garbage collection if they are in a position to do so as it will give them the opportunity to experience first hand knowledge of the project.

Councillor Paterak suggested that staff take into consideration the size of the garbage containers and design programs that will encourage residents to participate, especially senior citizens.

The Director of Waste Management was requested by the members of the Waste Management Committee to display samples of the bi-weekly garbage collection containers at a future Regional Council meeting.


The next meeting of the Waste Management Committee is scheduled for Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 1:00 p.m., Regional Administrative Headquarters, Council Chamber, 5th floor, 10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite A, Brampton, ON.

Please forward regrets to Stephanie Jurrius, Committee Clerk, (905) 791-7800, extension 4502 or at


The meeting adjourned at 2:12 p.m.

Regional Chair Kolb reminded the members of the Waste Management Committee that the Early Learning and Child Care in Peel Task Force (ELCCTF) and Regional Council Meetings on April 12, 2012 will be held at 7120 Hurontario Street, Second Floor, in the City of Mississauga.