Voting for the Regional Chair

In previous elections the Chair of the Region of Peel was appointed by Regional Councillors. Beginning in 2018, the Chair will be elected by general vote.

Other information

The Chair is the Chief Executive Officer of the municipal corporation and acts as head of Regional Council.

Main responsibilities:

  • Act as Chief Executive Officer of the municipality
  • Presides over Council meetings
  • Provides leadership to Council
  • Represents the municipality at official functions
  • Carries out the duties of the head of Council under the Municipal Act, 2001

Other responsibilities:

  • Acts as an official signing officer for the Corporation
  • Represents the Region in dealings with other levels of government
  • Acts as spokesperson for the Region in matters of policy and public issues
  • Acts as the official representative of the Region in greeting visiting dignitaries, either in a ceremonial capacity or investigating business opportunities
  • Declares an emergency in emergency situations

You can vote for Peel Regional Chair if you meet all of these requirements:

  • You’re a Canadian Citizen.
  • You’re at least 18 years old.
  • You live in Peel, or you or your spouse own or rent land in Peel.

You cannot vote for Peel Regional Chair if:

  • You’re in prison or other correctional facility.
  • You’re acting as an executor or trustee on behalf of an eligible voter, other than voting proxy.
  • You were convicted of a corrupt practice (such as bribery or submitting a false ballot) in a previous election that happened less than 5 years before the current election date.

Find more information about voting and eligibility in the Municipal Elections Act, 1996:

Section 17: Qualifications of Electors

Section 44: Appointment of Voting Proxy

Section 89: Offences, Penalties & Enforcement

Section 90: Corrupt practices: certain offences committed knowingly

Checking and updating your voter information

Are you on the Voter’s List to vote on October 22?

Visit to:

  • See if your personal voting information — such as your name and address — is correct.
  • Update your information if is wrong or has changed since the last municipal election. is provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

Voters' Guide

For more detailed information about voting in municipal and school board elections, check the Ministry of Municipal Affairs 2018 Voters' Guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections.

Accessible voting

Under the Municipal Elections Act, all voting places in municipal elections must be accessible to people with disabilities.

We’re committed to accommodating Regional Chair candidates and voters with disabilities. Read the Region of Peel 2018 Municipal Elections Accessibility Plan.

Get more details on accessibility for voters in Peel’s local municipalities:

Election signs

If you are a tenant or own a condominium, you can display an election sign in your window.

Your landlord or condominium board may have conditions about displaying signs in common areas. But they cannot stop you from displaying election signs in your unit.

For more information on election sign policies, placement and enforcement, visit your municipality election website:

Rules for contributing to a campaign

  • Any resident of Ontario may make a contribution to a Peel Regional Chair candidate.
  • You may contribute to more than one candidate up to a maximum of $1,200 per candidate and a maximum $5,000 per council.
  • The ticket cost for a candidate fundraiser is considered a contribution.
  • Any contribution of money must come directly from the contributor. You cannot combine contributions from others and then forward the money to a candidate’s campaign.
  • If a contribution is made from a joint account, it must be clear which person is making the contribution.
  • If the total value of the contributions you’ve made to a candidate during the campaign period is greater than $100, your name and address will be recorded in the candidate’s financial statement.
  • Neighbourhood associations, clubs or professional associations — such as fire or police associations — cannot make contributions. Members may contribute individually.
  • Contributions to a Regional Chair candidate are not tax deductible.
  • Only contributions of $25 or less may be made in cash. All contributions above $25 must be made by cheque, money order, or by a method that clearly shows where the funds come from.
  • A candidate cannot accept an anonymous contribution greater than $25, other than pass the hat collection.