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2011 Annual Financial Report

A Message from the Regional Chair & Chief Executive Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

On behalf of Regional Council and the employees of the Region of Peel, we are pleased to provide you with the Region’s 2011 Annual Financial Report.

The year 2011 continued the trends of economic, demographic and social change that have been occurring over the past few years. These trends have provided both challenges and opportunities.

The challenges include continuing increases in public expectations for service, both in terms of service levels and range of service responses. Our Human Services programs have responded to support more families that were in need of key social supports, primarily as a result of the changing economy. Peel’s Public Works programs have responded to the challenge of maintaining and upgrading aging infrastructure while continuing to plan and build major new investments to serve the increasing population. Health Services programs have been evolving the delivery of services in response to the population health requirements of Peel’s rapidly changing demographic composition.

Opportunities were realized in 2011 as Regional Council renewed its Strategic Plan and identified a set of priorities to be achieved within this term of office. The direction set by Council determines both the program and financial planning as well as service delivery practices at the Region, and staff report back to Council and the public on the progress of this work on a regular basis.

The Region of Peel recognizes the importance of being agile in its response to this continuously changing community and in its integrated approach to planning and service delivery. The discipline in using evidence to inform decisions underlies the Region’s ability to be a public organization that remains responsible, transparent and accountable to its residents, businesses and taxpayers.

To ensure the long-term financial sustainability of Regional services and to be able to adequately service the current and future infrastructure needs, for the second-consecutive year, Regional Council’s financial plan has included debt financing for the Development Charges program. This strategic fiscal approach will enable the Region to build the infrastructure required for an estimated 300,000 new residents in Peel by 2031. It provides for expansions to our wastewater systems and the historic South Peel water system, to be paid for by future residential and commercial development.

Regional Council’s overall approach to the management of its financial obligations has enabled the Region to provide service while remaining fiscally strong and maintaining the highest credit rating attainable by a municipality.

In 2011, approximately 1.36 million residents and about 88,000 businesses used the Region’s services, including community health, long-term care, social services, water management, waste management, police, paramedics, accessible transportation, road maintenance, social housing and environmentenhancement services. This was achieved with minimal impact on tax and utility rates.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to making Peel a vibrant, healthy and safe community for all residents and businesses.

Emil Kolb - Regional Chair David Szwarc - Chief Administrative Officer
Emil Kolb's signature

Emil Kolb
Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer

David Szwarc's signature

David Szwarc
Chief Administrative Officer

Revised: Thursday August 16 2012


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