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2012 Annual Financial Report

A Message from the Regional Chair & Chief Executive Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

It's our pleasure to provide you with the Region's 2012 Annual Financial Report on behalf of Regional Council and the employees of the Regional Municipality of Peel.

In 2012, the Region continued to meet the challenges of growing service demands while controlling costs to deliver citizen-focused services.

As a result, the Region provided more Peel families and individuals with financial assistance and job supports; increased the number of ambulances on the roads at peak times to respond to 9-1-1 calls; maintained Regional roads, buildings and bridges; managed more tonnes of waste to ensure the smallest environmental impact; and increased the number of police officers to keep the Peel community safe.

When the Region determines it is more efficient to do so, service delivery is managed through third parties. For example, water and wastewater is operated by the Ontario Clean Water Agency under contract; the solid waste system is contracted to a number of private companies to ensure competition and efficiency; and employment support services and a range of other human and housing services are provided through agreements with third parties.

Council also started the phase out of direct delivery of child care, redirecting the funds to increase the availability of child care subsidy, eliminating the waiting list, and allowing for more children with special needs to receive appropriate care. In other areas, such as accessible transportation for individuals with disabilities, the Region continued shared service delivery through TransHelp and worked closely with conventional transit and the taxi industry.

The combination of direct and indirect service delivery enabled the Region to maintain competitive taxes and rates while providing the flexibility to meet the everevolving service needs of the Peel community.

In addition, Council's decisions on development charges, energy from waste projects, population and employment allocations, infrastructure state of good repair and the use of debt for important projects – such as the Hanlan Feedermain and South Peel Water System – will serve future residents of Peel. These decisions are all helping to build and maintain a strong, safe and healthy Peel community.

In 2012, the Region of Peel received numerous awards and recognition. Among them were the Heintzman Public Sector Leadership Award for the Region of Peel's work on citizen-centred service delivery, the Bronze Award for Excellence from the Solid Waste Association of North America for the Region's biodiesel program, and the Governor General's Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal awarded to three Peel Regional Paramedics.

Through Council's continuing leadership, the Region provides high-quality service and remains fiscally strong, maintaining the highest credit rating attainable.

Through our approaches to planning, budgeting and evidence-informed decision-making, the Region of Peel will continue to meet the expectations of the public.

Emil Kolb - Regional Chair David Szwarc - Chief Administrative Officer
Emil Kolb's signature

Emil Kolb
Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer

David Szwarc's signature

David Szwarc
Chief Administrative Officer

Revised: Tuesday January 07 2014


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