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Setting Direction for Sustainable
Municipal Energy Strategies

Delta Meadowvale, Resort and Conference Centre
Mississauga, Ontario

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Summit Presentations
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News Coverage of Energy Matters

video Video clip: | News Coverage of Energy Matters |

Post Conference Report
Post Conference Report (PDF 648KB, 8 pages)

Summit Presentations

Day One Presentations March 27, 2007

Day 1  
Opening Remarks from Conference Host and Chair
Emil Kolb
, Council Chair
David Szwarc, CAO
Louise Comeau, Director,
Sage Climate Project Sage Centre

Topic One: Corporate Social Responsibility

Guiding Your Organization Toward Green: Implementing a Corporate Sustainability Strategy
(137 KB PDF, 21 pages)

Sanjay Sharma, Professor & Director, Centre for Responsible Organizations Canadian Research Chair in Organizational Sustainability Wilfred Laurier University, School of Business and Economics

Tapping into the Marketplace of Savings: Turning Energy Conservation into Business Opportunities
(777 KB PDF, 15 pages)

Peter Love, Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer Conservation Bureau, Ontario Power Authority

Sustainability in the Business Place: How GEs Ecomagination is Helping Solve e Global Challenges
(2 MB PDF, 28 pages)

Bob Weese, Vice President, Government and External Relations, GE Canada

Topic Two: Energy and the Environment

International Perspectives: City of Växjö, Sweden How Europe’s Cities are Building a Carbon Free Future
(1.8 MB PDF, 32 pages)

Anders Franzén,
Manager of Department for Planning and Development, Deputy Chief Executive
City of Växjö, Sweden

What Makes A City Green? Ranking North America’s Cities on Sustainability and Preparedness for an Oil Crisis
(2 MB PDF, 36 pages)

Warren Karlenzig
, Chief Strategy Officer SustainLane Government

Keynote Speaker How Sweden’s National Energy Policies are Meeting the Sustainability Challenge
(1.36 MB PDF, 38pages)

Magnus Schönning, First Secretary, Press & Cultural Affairs Embassy of Sweden
Topic Three: Markets and Financial Drivers

The Challenge of Managing Solid Waste: How Landfills Are Helping Meet Modern Municipal Energy Needs
(10 MB PDF, 29 pages)

Walter Graziani
, P.Eng., President
Comcor Environmental Ltd.

Clean Energy Solutions: Making Wind and Solar Energy Work for Municipalities
(1 MB PDF, 19 pages)

Cory Basil, Vice President, Project Development SkyPower

Building the Energy Pipeline: Capturing District Energy Opportunities in Our Cities and Towns
(963 KB PDF, 22 pages)

Bruce Ander
, President
Markham District Energy Inc.
Chair of the Canadian District Energy Association

Topic Four: Greening Town Hall

Fueling our Fleets: How Biodiesel is Helping the City of Brampton Meet the Emissions Challenge
(3 MB PDF, 30 pages)

Henrik Zbogar
, Project Leader, Acceleride City of Brampton

Ride the Wind: Calgary’s Wind Powered CTrain − Redefining Green Urban Transit
(2 MB PDF, 31 pages)

Dave Colquhoun
, Lead, Transportation Sustainable City Team
City of Calgary

Day Two Presenations – March 28, 2007
Day 2

Canada Green Building Council’s New Energy Education Program for Municipal Leaders
(1.3 MB PDF, 42 pages)

Thomas Mueller, President
Canada Green Building Council

  Key Insights On What the Province’s Leading Energy
Legislation Means s to Municipalities

(175 KB PDF, 21 pages)

Barry Beale, Director
Conservation and Distributed Energy
Ontario Ministry of Energy
Concurrent Work Group Sessions Setting Direction for Sustainable Energy Strategies

Essential Elements in Building Your Organization’s Energy Management Plan

Energy Metering and Monitoring: Knowing How, When and Where You Use Energy

(119 KB PDF, 30 pages)
Eric Langford, P.Eng., Langford & Associates/Schneider Electric

Understanding Your Bills: Performing Utility Bill Validation and Verification for Municipalities and Businesses

(615 KB PDF, 21 pages)
Lori Hogg, Product Manager Enterprise Energy Management, Itron

York Region Demand Response Program: Learning How Your Municipality and Business Can Quickly Cut Electricity Consumption

(1.23 MB PDF, 23 pages)
Paul Grod
, President
Rodan Energy and Metering Solutions Inc

Energy Budgeting and Procurement: Securing Stable Energy Prices in Today’s Volatile Markets

(838 KB PDF, 37 pages)
John Lambert, Manager, Business Development
Direct Energy

Renewable Energy Technologies: A Whole Systems Approach to Combining Different Renewable Solutions

(117 KB PDF, 2 pages)
David Elzinga, GHG Technology Officer
Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM), Natural Resources Canada

The Step-by-Step Guide to High Efficient Buildings: Canada’s First Green Building Toolkit for Municipalities

(2.59 MB PDF, 58 pages)

  • Steve Dulmage, Education and Development Manager Canadian Green Building Council
  • Beth Sills, Principal
    TriEdge – Research and Consulting

Measurement and Verification of Energy Savings: Techniques for Determining How Much You’ve Saved and How Long it will Last?

(315 KB PDF, 38 pages)
Doug Tripp
, M.Eng., M.Ed. Canadian Institute for Energy Training

Understanding Ontario’s Electricity Markets: Where Are Energy Prices Headed and Is Your Municipality and Business Ready?

(661 KB PDF, 22 pages)
Derek Cowbourne
, Chief Operating Officer Independent Electricity System Operator

FCM Capacity Building Program: Building Capacity for Municipal Sustainable Development

(964 KB PDF, 26 pages)
video Video clip: | Region of Waterloo - EMS & Fleet Centre |

Amy Seabrooke, Program Officer,
Capacity Building Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Community Power: How the City of London is Leading Local Developers Toward Sustainable Home me Building Practices

(667 KB PDF, 22 pages)
Ivor F. da Cunha
, P.Eng. MBA,
President & CEO
LeapFrog Energy Technologies Inc.

From Green to Sustainable Procurement: Achieving Value for Your Money and Meeting Ontario’s ECLA Requirements

(673 KB PDF, 27 pages)
Gary Wilde, P.Eng.
Manager, Corporate Energy
Region of Peel

Energy Management Opportunities for Water and Wastewater Utilities: Reducing Energy Consumption Through People, Processes and Technology

(1.37 MB PDF, 25 pages)
Eric A. Durdov,
CEM, Manager Westin Engineering, Inc

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Revised: Thursday July 26 2007


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