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Summit Details

In 2009, the Energy Matters Summit is proud to partner with the IESO to explore “The Bottom Line on Energy Management”.  This means looking at ways to increase your organization’s energy efficiency, cut back its energy costs, enhance operational performance and take advantage of the newest products and solutions that make energy management easier and more cost-effective.

Day One - April 20th

Day one explores the strategic issues surrounding the development and implementation of energy management plans that can boost your organization’s performance over the short and long-term.  Understanding how you incur costs for energy, how you use it, what changes your organization can make to become more energy efficient and putting this all into a strategic action plan is the key driver for our first day of presentations.

On day one, you will learn more about:

  • Sustainability, Strategy and Corporate Competitiveness
  • Canadian Climate Change Markets and the Cost of Carbon
  • Energy Pricing and the Expiry of Ontario’s Regulated Price Plan (RPP)
  • Financing Your Energy Management Activities – Programs and Incentives
  • Energy Markets, Procurement and the Price of Power
  • Case Studies on Leading Energy Management Plans
  • Green Marketing for the Public Sector
  • Plus keynote addresses from national and international dignitaries

Day Two - April 21st

Day two shifts focus to clean tech workshops that explore a range of products and services that harness energy efficiency, renewable technologies and alternative energy sources to reduce energy use and dramatically cut emissions and waste.  These intimate, discussion-driven workshops bring speakers and delegates closer together in a unique setting that makes each delegate a vital part of the presentation.

On day two, you will learn more about:

  • Integrated Lighting Control and Energy Management Systems
  • Alternative Energy Water Heating Solutions
  • Smart Metering Solutions, Multi-Unit Metering and Tenant Billing
  • Hybrid Heating Systems
  • Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Cogeneration Systems
  • Demand Response and Automated Management of Electrical Loads
  • Sustainable Building Design and Architecture
  • Waste-to-Energy Technology
  • Low-Energy Buildings and Construction Methods

Energy Matters 2009 Program

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