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Energy and Environment at Peel

Rethinking Energy in Peel Region

The challenge of managing Peel Region's modern energy needs while fostering a healthy, clean environment involves rethinking the very concept of energy. At Energy Management, we're working to meet this challenge in a way that builds on sound financial planning, maximizes Regional partnerships and helps develop sustainable communities.

Energy Management is a section within the Real Property Asset Management division of the Region of Peel. Formed in 2003, Energy Management's mandate is to manage the Region's energy portfolio in an economical and sustainable manner, while promoting the wise use of energy to maintain a healthy environment.

This section will work with other departments to set energy efficiency standards and procedures to ensure the Region remains up-to-date with the latest in energy efficient technology.

Some of Energy Management's latest activities include energy efficiency audits, building retrofits, exploring opportunities for renewable energy, bi-fuel generation, demand reduction programs and providing general advisory services to all internal departments.

How is Energy Management involved in the Community?

Revised: Friday June 20 2014


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