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Wind Power

WindmillHarnessing energy from the wind has been around for centuries with some of the first windmills used in Europe back in the 1700s! Today, wind power is increasingly helping Canada meet its energy needs by supplementing and sometimes replacing conventional non-renewable sources of energy. Wind power not only helps ensure a sound supply of energy, but it's also an environmentally friendly solution to electrical generation.

Currently, Canada's installed wind power capacity is 440 megawatts, which is still less than 1% of the country's overall electrical generation. But wind power projects are growing, especially in Ontario. Last year, the Ontario government made a commitment to build 335 megawatts of wind power, representing about 237 wind turbines. These wind energy projects are an important step in meeting Ontario's commitment to have 5% renewable energy in place by 2007. To learn more about Canadian wind energy projects, visit the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

How Does Wind Energy Work?

Planning to Use Wind Power?

Revised: Wednesday July 15 2009


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