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Corporate Finance and Financial Services

Corporate Finance Division

The Corporate Finance Division is responsible for financial planning and control with a focus on the longer term strategic outlook for the Region. This division consists of the following service groups:

Treasury oversees all facets of the Region's banking and investment functions including cash management; investment management and reserves; banking relationships; and debt management.

Risk Management is responsible for purchasing insurance for the Region; for claims and litigation management; loss control surveys; risk assessments and provision of insurance certificates.

Financial Planning and Strategic Analysis provides financial and economic analysis and policy development activities at the corporate level and serves as a liaison with external organizations. Activities include economic research, benchmarking and performance measurement, intergovernmental affairs and property tax analysis and policy.

Business and Capital Planning is responsible for fiscal planning, budgeting both current and capital, reserve management, performance analysis, 3 and 10 year financial plans, financial policy compliance, etc.

Development Financing is responsible for development charges, growth management, and coordination of the Regional Financial Model supporting the Regional Official Plan.

Finance Systems Planning plays a leadership role in matters affecting the sustainability and integrity of all financial systems directly supporting the work of the Finance Department including developing a Finance Technology Plan and maintaining an inventory of all systems used by the Finance Department.

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Financial Services Division

The Financial Services Division is responsible for current transaction-oriented financial activities. This division consists of the following service groups:


Payroll, Purchasing Accounting and Systems buys, pays, reports and advises in a timely, accurate, reliable and courteous way for Cost Centre Managers to enable Programs to obtain and manage goods and services and to carry out the fiduciary responsibility to the Corporation and Council.

Accounting Services acts as the Corporation's shared service centre for Accounts Payable (vendor payments and employee reimbursements), Payroll, General Ledger support and management reporting. Visit your Payroll website. Visit your Accounts Payable website.

Finance Systems Development and Support provides training to PeopleSoft Financials (Purchasing) users following major enhancements which ensure that our clients are up to date and comfortable using the most current functionality available.

Purchasing provides leadership and oversight in support of all purchasing activity. This group prepares and expedites tenders, quotes and proposals for $25,000+; facilitates awarding and negotiating of tenders, quotes and proposals; prepares and issues documents; and reports on cost savings/avoidance. Visit your Purchasing website.


Meter and Revenue Services determines, collects, records and analyzes revenues in an efficient, equitable and professional way for anyone who gets, issues or requests a Regional bill to help programs provide quality and sustainable Peel services and to carry out the fiduciary responsibility to the Corporation and Council.

Accounts Receivable maintains responsibility for general invoicing, landfill billings, special assessment billing, water and sanitary sewer billing.

Meter Operations ensures accuracy of meter systems; installs and repairs meters; and reads meters on a scheduled basis.

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