Help Your School Take Action - Creating Healthy Opportunities

Be Active, Eat Well

Students spend a good part of their time at school, so it's important that they have the opportunity to practise the healthy habits that are taught in the classroom.

Practice What You Preach
Adequate nutrition and physical activity not only has a positive impact on children's physical and emotional health, but also affects their ability to learn.

There are lots of ways your school can provide opportunities for students to be active and eat well.

Your school may already offer a number of programs that could be expanded or improved, such as intramurals, special food days or fundraisers. Introducing a breakfast or nutritious snack program or daily milk program can help children get the nutrients they need.

Consider introducing some new recess activities or a Walk to School program. Or recruit student leaders to help lead Daily Physical Activity (DPA).

Share Your Success!
Many schools in Peel have creative ideas and offer innovative programs that others don't know about. Share your ideas with your colleagues by posting your Success Stories on this website.

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