Making Healthy Food Accessible

Introducing a Meal Program

Children bring a variety of foods from home every day. Some foods are healthy, some aren't.

Schools can help by offering healthy foods through a set meal program. Meal programs:

  • Give every child the opportunity to eat well.
  • Let kids try new foods.
  • Improve learning.
  • Save parents' time by reducing meal preparations.
  • Offer schools another way to raise money while providing "brain food".

Suggested Programs

Breakfast Programs
Lunch and Snack Programs
Special Food Days
Milk Programs

If your school already has a meal program, review its menu to see where you can add healthier options.

If your school doesn't have a program, you can make a difference by starting one!

  • Start small with a simple milk program.
  • Speak to local schools to learn what they're doing. Better yet, join forces and share costs.
  • Talk to members of your school's community: parents, students, teachers, food vendors and volunteers. Ask for their input.
  • Speak with your school nurse for additional expertise and support.

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Revised: Wednesday November 23 2011

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