School Food and Beverage Policy

The Ministry of Education School Food and Beverage Policy applies to all food and beverages offered for sale in publicly-funded schools in Ontario. The Policy comes into effect on September 1, 2011. Schools will continue to comply with the Trans Fat Standards Regulation.


At-A-Glance GUIDE to Ontario’s School Food and Beverage Policy - Overview of Ontario’s School Food and Beverage Policy for parents and students in intermediate and secondary levels.


Healthy Fundraising = Healthy Profits!
(Fact sheet: PDF 861KB, 3 pages)

Bake It Up!
(Booklet: PDF 2.5MB, 36 pages)
Includes over 20 recipes for healthier baked goods that comply with the Policy

More Ideas and vendor/supplier information


Nutrition Standards Tool
To help you assess food and beverages as Sell Most, Sell Less or Not Permitted for Sale.

Creating Healthy Menus Tool
To help you develop menus from “scratch” using individual ingredients or using pre-made foods.

Six videos/interactive modules to guide you through the successful implementation of the Policy. Topics include: Introduction; Policy Overview; Understanding the Nutrition Standards; Healthy Venues, Programs and Events; Implementation; and Practices to Support Implementation.

Policy Guides

School Food and Beverage Resource Guide
(Booklet: PDF 4.8MB, 142 pages)

School Food and Beverage Quick Reference Guide
(Booklet: PDF 989KB, 35 pages)

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