Physical Activity at School - Encouraging Physical Activity

Make physical activity enjoyable and build school spirit by:

  • Encouraging kids to play outside during recess or nutrition breaks
  • Providing equipment (e.g. skipping ropes, balls) and game ideas
  • Offering non-traditional intramurals (such as yoga, dance or aerobics) to appeal to a broader range of students
  • Teaching the basics
  • Providing physical activity leadership opportunities that aren't sports-related (such as PALS or DPA student leaders).
  • Focusing on the development of gender-neutral qualities such as confidence, teamwork, responsibility, motivation and effort

Be a Positive Role Model

As a teacher you are an important role model and can positively influence students' attitudes and behaviours towards physical activity even if you aren't physically inclined yourself.

Be positive when talking about physical activity:

  • Encourage your students to be active during their breaks. Provide game ideas and resources to make it easy.
  • Incorporate DPA into the school day.
  • Encourage and praise students by recognizing everyone who participates in physical activity, regardless of skill level.
  • Talk about activities that you enjoy. 

Encourage your students by:

  • Organizing physical activity opportunities in your school.
  • Teaching students why physical activity is important. It increases self-esteem, confidence, concentration and energy levels as well as improving their health.

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Revised: Wednesday November 23 2011

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