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Bullying Prevention

How to Use the Lesson Plans

Introduction: These lesson plans are intended to be used in schools as part of a comprehensive approach to bullying prevention. Experience has shown that the most effective and consistent use of these lessons occurs in schools where the in-class lessons were introduced 6-12 months after the launch of a comprehensive bullying prevention initiative. At this point, staff stated they felt like the lessons were part of a larger vision, and not just another 'download' to teachers. Consistency and sustainability have been the main goals of the Peel Health Bullying Prevention Initiative and, therefore, of the classroom sessions. The lessons are meant to be used as an entire school. The goal is to have every teacher address the issue of bullying by using the lesson plans with their class. Relying on support staff to teach all the lessons simply results in a lack of consistency and undermines sustainability.

Ten Lesson Plans: There are 10 lesson plans - one for each month of the school year. The order of the lesson plans was based on logical progression, teacher experience and evaluation. Because the activity of one month is often based on knowledge or resources from a previous month, it is recommended to follow the lessons in order. The lessons are identified by month, so schools starting to use the lessons in September simply use the corresponding months. Schools starting at another time of year are encouraged to begin with September as month one, and continue through the lessons until year end.

School Wide Focus: Consistency is achieved by having all students in the school learning the same lesson about bullying prevention at the same time. Each month every student in the school, from kindergarten to grade eight, will be hearing the same message about bullying. If schools decide to change the order of the lessons, or pick just a few to complete during the year, the entire school should follow through. Consistency is lost when a teacher chooses to change the order for their class.

Set Up of the Lesson Plans: A general overview has been provided of all lesson plans including key messages, developmental assets and ties to character education and virtues education. Basic background information has been provided for each month - this page is the same for teachers of all grades. Teachers identified general curriculum links to enable you to use the plans to achieve curriculum expectations. The actual lesson plans are one page and grade specific. They include a list of materials needed, procedural steps and extension activities. Any resources or handouts referred to in the procedural steps are provided as appendices, identified as grade specific resources.

Key Message: A key message is identified for each month. This is the focus of the education and skill building in the class lessons. The lessons can be augmented in a comprehensive approach by using the key message for school wide activities. Caledon schools use the monthly key message on bulletin boards, announcements, parent communications and in monthly assemblies. School-wide awareness raising activities often highlight a particular month's key message (i.e.: in April a school wide poster contest will focus on the topic of bystanders).

Keep In Mind: Your class includes students who play various roles in bullying. The classroom environment should be one where all students feel it is safe to participate. The focus is on everyone working together to help make the school a safe place. Activities that involve working with partners or groups are opportunities for teachers to prevent bullying. Do not let students pick their own groups. Assigning groups ensures that no students are being excluded or picked last.

Acknowledgement: These lesson plans are available for use by all educators. Material from the CD can be printed and shared freely, in its current form. Each activity or section of content that you 'borrow' to use for other purposes should be accompanied with the acknowledgement "from Working Together to Prevent Bullying: Peel Public Health Bullying Prevention Initiative Lesson Plans, 2007". Please contact the primary sources for using any excerpts we have specifically acknowledged.


Revised: Monday July 07 2008


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