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revised May 26, 2011

Arrow BulletRaising Sexually Healthy Children - 10 Ways to Help Your Children Grow Up Sexually Healthy

10 Ways to Help Your Children Grow Up Sexually Healthy
    • Remember that learning about sexuality starts at birth.
    • However, it's never too late to start teaching your children how to be sexually healthy.

    • Understand that the process of developing one's sexual identity begins by the age of 5.
    • Sexual identity is understanding one's attraction to others - that could be opposite sex, same sex or both.

    • Use the correct words for body parts and functions to help children respect and take care of their bodies.
    • You don't have to know everything in advance. Look up answers together.

    • Use positive touch to give your children feelings of closeness, comfort, security and safety. For example:
      • holding hands
      • cuddles and hugs
      • back and foot massages

    • Share your values with your children and why they are important to you.
    • Knowing your values helps your children to develop their own.

    • Talk to your children about the behaviours you expect and their responsibilities.

    • Teach them to think about what they say and do, how it makes others feel.

    • Talk to your children about sexual abuse and how to protect themselves.

    • Give girls and boys the same respect and opportunities.
    • Treating girls and boys differently can affect how capable they feel.

Be a role model for what you want your child to learn.
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Revised: May 26, 2011


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