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revised July 26, 2007

Arrow BulletSelf Esteem: Self-Esteem Roller Coaster

With effort you can arrive here!
Minor fluctuations in self-esteem are normal.
Self Esteem Roller Coaster
With practice you can level out this coaster ride to a more comfortable baseline.
If you're here... self-esteem fluctuating wildly with external events, there are solutions.


Finding acceptance and approval from within means it's easier to keep external events in perspective. Remember, the goal of this process is not perfection. Perfection would mean there's nothing new to learn, and nowhere to go but down. Healthy self-esteem is not about becoming self-centered and insensitive to others. Rather it enhances the "people skills" that encourage others and build healthy relationships.

The Impact of Self-Esteem on Daily Life  

The Process of Strengthening 

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Revised: July 26, 2007


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