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revised March 24, 2011

Arrow BulletSelf Esteem: Self-Image Example

Developing a Clear and Accurate Self-Image

Self-Image Example

  1. Self-Image Example 2. Re-Working a Self-Image 3. Self-Image Example
when self - esteem is low to be specific, accurate & fair  
Personality Friendly. A. Celebrate the strengths you already recognize!

They're real and they're valid.

Friendly, warm, caring of others.
Need the approval of others. Take others' opinions into consideration; need to believe in my own abilities.
Anxious in new situations. Relaxed in familiar situations and with people I know.
Tend to take on other people's problems. Supportive of others but need to set limits.
Relationships with Others Uncomfortable in large groups. B. Look at a weakness from the opposite perspective.

Recognize hidden or overlooked talents.

Comfortable in small groups.
Helpful. Helpful to co-workers, a good neighbour.
Avoid conflict. Good at negotiating. Need to learn to deal with conflict assertively.
Hide true feelings. Need to learn to be assertive and to express my feelings.
Day to Day Functioning Conscientious. C. Note the specific circumstances where a weakness occurs.

Chances are it is not occurring in every situation, all the time.
Conscientious; attentive to details in order to do a good job.
A worrier. Worry when someone close to me is ill.
Lacking in initiative. Not a leader but make a worthwhile contribution.
Disorganized under stress. Organized as long as I plan for stress breaks.
Appearance Brown hair and eyes. D. Let go of the judgements.
liminate hurtful words such as ugly, stupid, lazy, useless...

These words just don't belong in a self-image.
Brown hair and eyes.
Too short. 5'2"
Ugly crooked nose. A nose of distinction.
Need to lose weight. 135 lbs.
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