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revised March 24, 2011

Arrow BulletSelf-Image Exercise Worksheet

You may want to use this Self-Image Exercise Worksheet to write and re-work your own self-image.

Self-Image Exercise Worksheet

  My Self-Image My Re-Worked Self-Image
Celebrates strengths.
Is specific, fair, & accurate.
Relationships with Others
Day to Day Functioning
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Making Your Revised Self-Image Work...

  • As in the self-image example shown, you might recognize that you are more comfortable in small groups, meaning that you have the language and social skills to express yourself, to make eye contact, to listen and respond.
  • Recognizing skills you do have is an important 1st step to building this strength, if that's what you decide is important to you.
  • You do not lose these skills simply because you enter a room with a large number of people - the stress response kicks in big time, resulting in anxious and uncomfortable feelings. The stress response is fuelled with thoughts of "I can't do this and I don't want to be here!"
  • Remember, anxiety in new situations does not mean you can't handle those situations.
  • Try to understand the message of the emotion. Anxiety is a signal to reflect on the context of the situation you're in and how it is affecting you.
  • Take a deep breath, problem solve the situation. Later on, you may want to plan ahead for the next time.
  • These and other coping strategies will help you to use the stress response as an energizer - let it "pump you" up just enough to face the challenge and do well!
Make your revised self-image your own, reinforcing self-acceptance and a new awareness of your strengths.
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Revised: March 24, 2011


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