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revised June 03, 2011

Arrow BulletTeen Power: Self-Esteem Ride

Have you ever been on the "self-esteem wild ride"?

Self-Esteem Ride

Most teens think the wilder the coaster at a theme park the better.
This ride... well the high spots are cool... but there's always something around the bend that can bring you down.
get a part-time job UP win concert tickets UP get invited to a cool party UP
DOWN boss says you messed up DOWN face breaks out bad DOWN fight with best friend
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How Low You Go?

  • How low you go depends on how you feel about yourself to start with...
  • If you depend a lot on outside situations and what other people say to feel good about yourself... life can be pretty freaky 'cause you're always worrying about what's coming next!
  • Healthy self-esteem keeps you believing in yourself from the inside out and out of the crash zone.
  • Life is a lot smoother with healthy self-esteem. You have you the confidence and energy you need to follow your dreams.
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