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revised November 01, 2013

Take Control - Prevent Infection - Title

Section 4: Disease - Organism Specific

This Guide provides educational materials on infection prevention and control for long-term care centres and retirement homes.

Section Description
  Reportable Diseases
4-1 Management of Group A Streptococcus
4-2 Managenent of Tuberculosis
4-3 Management of Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease
4-4 Management of Bloodborne Pathogens
4-5 Management of West Nile Virus
4-6 Streptococcal Disease Fact Sheet
4-7 Tuberculosis Information for Healthcare Providers
4-8 Management of Varicella (chickenpox)
  Non-Reportable Diseases
4-9 Management of Antibiotic Resistant Organisms
4-10 ARO Communications Form
4-11 Management of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
4-12 MRSA Fact Sheet
4-13 Management of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus
4-14 VRE Fact Sheet RICN2006
4-15 Management of Norovirus
4-16 Management of ESBL
4-17 Management of Clostridium difficile
4-18 Clostridium Difficile fact sheet
4-19 Management of Respiratory Infections
4-20 Sample ARI Case Finding Form
4-21 Appendix O: ARI Screening Tool
4-22 Management of Scabies
4-23 Shingles Fact Sheet HCW
4-24 Shingles General Fact Sheet
4-25 Management of CPE

Revised: November 01, 2013


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