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What’s Out There?

Below is a list of the most commonly used drugs and their street names. Of course this list of street names is constantly evolving and includes many more then you see here. Learn as much as you can now.

NOTE: The information in this section was adapted from:

- The Region of Peel's Designer Drug Series pamphlets
- Straight Facts about Drugs and Drug Abuse by Health Canada
- The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
- The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
- Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission

Get to know more about the drugs and their effects on users by following these links:

Common Street Names

Booze, Hooch

Marijuana, Pot, Weed, Mary J, Ganja, Grass, Herb

Snow, Blow, C, Coke, Charlie, White Lady Flake, Nose Candy, Lines, Rock, Crack

Crank, Jib, Meth, Glass, Ice

E, X, XTC, Adam

G, Liquid X

K, Ket, Special K, Vitamin K

Acid, Blotter, Microdot, Windowpane

Buttons, Peyote, Beans, Moon

Shrooms, Magic Mushrooms, Liberty Caps


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Revised: February 28, 2012


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