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Marijuana Grow Operations

Assessment and Cleanup

Multi-Unit Dwellings

Who is responsible for the cleanup of multi-unit dwellings?

The owner is responsible for having the indoor air quality and other effects of the marijuana grow operation (MGO) assessed by a qualified professional and the unit(s) cleaned up as necessary before occupancy.

Multi-unit assessment and cleanup process

If a marijuana grow operation is found in a multi-unit building such as an apartment or condominium, a Peel Public Health inspector will conduct a preliminary exposure assessment of the unit in question.

If a large MGO is found in a multi-unit dwelling, other units may be affected by poor air quality due to water leakage and mould growth. A public health inspector may also conduct an inspection of adjacent units if there is a concern that other units are also affected.

The inspector may also require the owner to hire a consultant to assess the air quality in the unit(s) and then conduct a clean up.

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