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Grow Operations (MGO)

Marijuana is the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Marijuana is an illegal drug in Canada when not medically prescribed by a doctor*.

There is no legal definition of a marijuana grow operation (MGO). A marijuana grow operation (MGO or "grow op") is a place where marijuana is — or was — grown illegally. MGOs can range in size from one to thousands of marijuana plants and can occupy one room or an entire building.

Indoor marijuana grow operations may contribute to poor air quality caused by mould growth and/or lingering chemical residues in the unit where it was found. MGOs may also contribute to adverse health effects.

This website is designed to provide you with information about how to identify and report a marijuana grow operation; the potential health effects on an MGO; and the assessment and cleanup process.

* Under the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, Health Canada allows for medical access to marijuana for people who are suffering from grave and debilitating illnesses. People who are authorized to possess marijuana can also hold a license to produce and grow their own marijuana, or they can choose to have a designated person grow the marijuana for them.

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