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revised February 21, 2018

Health Protection


Food Safety at special events and farmers' markets

Special event checklist

Food and servers

  • Make sure meat, poultry, dairy and egg products are from an approved inspected source and not directly from the farm.
  • Wear clean outer garments and aprons at all times while handling and preparing foods.
  • Use hairnets, caps or other restrains at all times while handling food.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke in the food preparation areas.

Safe temperatures

  • While you are transporting, storing and displaying hazardous foods: hot foods must be greater than 60C (140F) and cold foods must be less than 4C (40F).
  • Check hazardous foods with food probe thermometers.
  • Use thermometers for each cooler/refrigerator/freezer.

Protection from contamination

  • Cover food with lids, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, sneeze guards, etc.
  • Keep food off the ground.
  • Use serving utensils (e.g., serving spoons, tongs, spatulas, etc.) to minimize direct contact with food. Have a backup supply of utensils in case you are unable to sanitize utensils on site.
  • Single service eating utensils are encouraged.

Safe water

  • Keep a potable water supply for hand-washing, food preparation and equipment cleaning.
  • Store waste water in leak-proof containers/tanks.
  • Keep ice containers with an unbreakable ice scoop (stored separately).


  • Keep a supply of detergent, bleach/sanitizer, and wiping cloths/sponges for cleaning and sanitizing food preparation and service areas.
  • Ensure you have an adequate supply of garbage bags.
  • Stock dispensers with liquid soap and keep a supply of paper towels for hand-washing.

Amended Based on the Toronto Public Health Event Checklist.

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Revised: February 21, 2018


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