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revised October 18, 2018

Tobacco, Cannabis and Electronic Cigarette Enforcement

Public Health at the Region of Peel enforces the provincial Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017. The act helps reduce youth access to tobacco and electronic cigarettes, and protects the public from second-hand tobacco smoke, cannabis smoke, and vapour from e-cigarettes.

The Region enforces two municipal by-laws related to smoking: the Peel Waterpipe Smoking By-law and the Peel Outdoor Smoking By-law.

Provincial Law

Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017

Peel Public Health inspectors enforce the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 (SFOA).

The SFOA outlines the rules for smoking (cannabis and tobacco smoking) and vaping (all types of vaping). The act describes the responsibilities of tobacco and e-cigarette retailers. Visit Smoke-Free Ontario for details.

Peel Public Health releases legal convictions under the SFOA.

Prospective buyers of tobacco retail locations are encouraged to read the Disclaimer: Tobacco Sales Offences and Automatic Prohibitions.

Other Cannabis Related Legislation

Peel Public Health enforces Ontario’s rules on cannabis use.

For other aspects of cannabis legalization, including retail sales, possession, growing cannabis, and driving safety,  visit the Government of Ontario's cannabis legalization webpage.

Municipal Laws

Peel Public Health inspectors also enforce the Peel Waterpipe Smoking By-law and the Peel Outdoor Smoking By-law.

The Peel Waterpipe Smoking By-law does not allow waterpipe smoking in the following settings:

  • enclosed public places (e.g., restaurants, bars, and cafes)
  • enclosed workplaces
  • restaurant and bar patios
  • certain outdoor settings.

A waterpipe is also commonly referred to as a hookah or shisha. Enforcement of the by-law will begin October 15, 2018.

The Peel Outdoor Smoking By-law prohibits tobacco smoking within nine metres of the entrances and exits to municipally owned and occupied buildings.

If you have any questions about tobacco, cannabis and vaping enforcement, email Peel Public Health or call 905-799-7700 to speak with a Public Health Inspector.

Learn about the health hazards of tobacco and tips on how to quit smoking.


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