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Prenatal Program

The Gift of Motherhood Chapter Titles

  1. Thinking Ahead to Childbirth
  2. Discomforts of Pregnancy
  3. Understanding Labour and Birth
  4. Medical Interventions
  5. Adjustment to Parenting
  6. Breastfeeding Your Newborn
  7. Caring for Your Newborn

Peel Public Health Tab Titles

  • Prenatal Care in Peel
    • Health Care Providers
    • What to Expect During Prenatal Appointments
    • Prenatal Tests
    • Infections and Pregnancy
    • Emotional Changes
  • Growing a Healthy Family
    • Canada’s Food Guide
    • Essential Nutrients for You and Your Baby
    • Important Alerts During and After Pregnancy
    • Exercising Safely During Pregnancy
    • Your Environment: Home, Work and Community
  • Your New Baby
    • Planning for Your Baby’s Health Care
    • Comforting Your Baby
    • Safe Sleeping
    • Shopping for Your Baby
    • Safety and Baby Equipment
  • Breastfeeding
    • Online Instructional Videos and Skin-to-Skin
    • Exclusive Breastfeeding
    • Managing Your Milk Supply
    • Hand Expression
  • Becoming Parents
    • Falling in Love with Your Baby
    • Involved Fathers (or Father Figures) Make a Difference
    • Your Relationship – Intimacy and Sex
    • Life Together with Baby
    • Planning Ahead
  • Community Resources in Peel
    • Parenting
    • Health Services
    • Breastfeeding
    • Social and Financial Resources
    • Resources for Newcomers to Canada


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