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revised April 04, 2011
State of the Region's Health Report: Focus on Suicide

Arrow BulletSuicide in the Region of Peel and Ontario

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  • In 2001/2002 in the Region of Peel, 6.2% of residents reported that they had suicidal thoughts in their lifetime. Almost 2% reported having suicidal thoughts within the past 12 months.
  • In the Region of Peel, between 1997 and 2001, there was an average of 784 hospitalizations per year for suicide attempts.
  • In the Region of Peel, hospitalization rates for suicide attempts was highest among the 20-49 year age group.
  • In the Region of Peel, the most common method of attempting suicide and being hospitalized was poisoning.
  • In the Region of Peel and Ontario, suicide mortality declined between 1993 and 2000.
  • In the Region of Peel, approximately 56 people commit suicide per year.
  • In the Region of Peel, mortality rates for suicide are highest for males aged 80 years and older and females aged 40-49 years; however the proportion of overall deaths is highest for males aged 10-19 years, and females aged 20-29 years.
  • The most common method of suicide for the Region of Peel is poisoning (36%); followed by hanging, strangulation and suffocation (34%); and firearms and explosives (11%).

Chapter 4 - Suicide in the Region of Peel and Ontario (PDF, 195KB)

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Revised: April 04, 2011


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