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School Health Reference Guide


The Region of Peel School Health Reference Guide is a supplementary resource to relevant Peel and Dufferin-Peel school board policies. Refer to school board policy first if you have questions or concerns.
The Health Protection and Promotion Act

Under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, school administrators must report to the local Medical Officer of Health any person who, in their opinion, is or may be infected with a designated reportable, communicable disease. This ensures prompt and complete follow-up of suspected cases.

  • Section 22 (1): A medical officer of health, in the circumstances mentioned in subsection (2), by a written order, may require a person to take or to refrain from taking any action that is specified in the order in respect of a communicable disease.
  • Section 28: The principal of a school who is of the opinion that a pupil in the school has or may have a communicable disease shall, as soon as possible after forming the opinion, report thereon to the medical officer of health of the unit in which the school is located.
  • Section 39 (1): No person shall disclose to any other person the name of or any other information that will or is likely to identify a person in respect of whom an application, order, certificate, or report is made in respect of a communicable disease, a reportable disease, a virulent disease, or a reportable event following the administration of an immunizing agent.

  • Section 30 (2): Subsection (1), does not apply:

    1. Where the disclosure is made with the consent of the person in respect of whom the application, order, certificate or report is made.
    2. Where the disclosure is made for the purpose of public health administration.

    This means that the health department may release, without consent, the name of a case of a reportable, communicable disease to the school administration for the purpose of identifying contacts of the case in the school.

    The health department notifies the case that names will only be released as required for the safety of contacts.

    The school administrator is advised by the health department of their obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the individual case and not to reveal their name or any other information that may identify the person.

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