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A resource to start the conversation
about drug use and abuse.
Advice for Parents

.::: Know Your Child's Friends

Getting to know your child's friends and their families assures
you that your kids are safe and with people you trust.

Meet your child's friends

Knowing your child's friends:

  • Keeps you aware of the situations and surroundings your kids are often in.
  • Keeps you aware of whom they're spending time with.
  • Makes it easier to know other families' values and stances on drug use and underage drinking.
  • Helps you decide which actions to take if other families' values are different than yours.

For example, if your child's friend is allowed to throw late parties, doesn't have a curfew and often doesn't have any adult supervision:

  • Explain your concern about these different family values.
  • Welcome the friend at your house as long as boundaries are followed.
  • Be clear that your child can't attend parties at the friend's house.
Awww, Mom!:

Your kids might not like it, but checking in by calling a friend's house shows that:

  • You care.
  • You need to know the situations they're in.

Get to know friends' families

Meeting and keeping in touch with friends' families:

  • Makes it easier to know if their values and boundaries are similar to yours.
  • Helps you be aware of what's going on with your children and their friends.
  • Lets you share experiences and support each other's decisions.
  • Helps you realize that some parents have very different expectations and views about drugs and underage drinking.

Visits and parties

If your child is visiting or going to a party at a friend's house, call the parents or guardians to:

  • Discuss supervision.
  • Make sure that you're comfortable with the rules.

For example, if you learn that a 19-year-old brother is supervising a party of 16-year-olds, you might make a different decision than if the parents are at home.


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Revised: April 22, 2016


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