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Advice for Parents

.::: Proms, Grads, Post-event Parties and Weekends Away

The end of school means big celebrations.

Proms and graduation celebrations often go far beyond normal curfews, extending into post-event parties. They might even include weekends away at hotels, resorts or cottages.

Though you want to share in the excitement, these events can be stressful and difficult for parents.

You might want to be more flexible with things like curfews, especially if your teen will soon be starting college, university or a career where they'll be making their own decisions.

Then again, you realize that lots can happen and you want to make sure your teen is safe.

Start talking well before the actual event

A few weeks before the event:

  • Find out what your teen wants to have happen at prom. Discuss both of your concerns.   
  • Decide on your family's comfort level with extending the curfew and attending celebrations.
  • Make your expectations clear, especially about curfew, alcohol, drugs and driving.

After-parties and weekends away

If your teen goes to an after party or away for the weekend:

  • Agree on how they'll get there, when they'll go and find out exactly where they'll be.
  • Sort out whether and when you expect your teen to contact you.
  • Make sure your teen is well aware of things that could possibly go wrong (such as alcohol poisoning, or property damage) and how they would handle the situation.
  • Be positive about their ability to be responsible and handle situations.
  • Make sure your teen knows they can call you and count on your support, no matter the circumstances.


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Revised: April 22, 2016


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